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About me


I moved to Vancouver, Canada, B.C. from Moscow, Russia in November 2014.
I have always been enchanted by masterpieces of great painters: Caravaggio and his dramatic use of lighting, mood landscapes by Isaak Levitan and Arkhip Kuindzhi, amazing Bernini's sculptural narrative.


It wasn't until I took part in an Intuitive Painting workshop in 2011 that I started to envision myself as a painter. Since then easel, oil and canvases have become an important part of my life.


Inspired by beautiful Russian scenery I started painting landscapes around Moscow, focusing primarily on the beauty of seasonal changes. The landscapes I encountered during my adventures abroad, in Europe and Asia, inspired many of my paintings. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the sea, sunsets and sails that bring feelings of peace and tranquility.

My latest exploration of Charles Bargue technique opened a whole new world of graphite drawing for me; light and dark tones, range of values, training my eye to see subtle differences in shapes and forms. New knowledge I've obtained has resulted in new graphite and charcoal works of majestic sail boats and fresh renderings of classical sculptures.

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